In honor of our amazing inspiration to reality shoot Themba+Casper featured on Style Me Pretty all this weekend, I wanted to take this time to introduce and thank my incredibly talented partner-in-crime Mary Kinney. Mary Kinney has been my client and dear friend for so many years. She is a true original and her vision and creativity stand alone. Mary’s drive and energy enthuse everyone around her. It is amazing how and where this woman will take you. Her imagination, intelligence, and wit help to elevate a look, an idea, and a story to places you would never imagine going. While Mary and I have collaborated on so many family, fashion, and editorial spreads, Themba+Casper is our first wedding venture together. I was awe-struck by her ingenious. She took our beautiful little story to the most surreal and dream-like state. Her fashion knowledge and taste are original and exquisite. So before this little lady is in WAY too high demand, I want every bride to know how much she would transform and elevate your wedding day look. Hire this woman! …And see her work in detail on Themba+Casper’s SMP Buying Guide. Mary started Sister/ Brother over a year ago and her blog has been mad popular ever since. To learn more about Mary and her services, see our interview below.

Tell us a little about Mary Kinney…I have been obsessed with all things fashion since I was a little kid….down to the embarrassing moments of dressing my brothers up as pageant girls. As I got older, my sense of style grew more refined and I discovered what I consider the altruistic aspect of fashion … the styling. Making people feel good about themselves on a surface level actually translates into their core. They feel more confident about who they are as a person, and sometimes a simple pair of jeans can do the trick.

Who are some of your biggest influences/inspirations…Oh gosh, there are so many! Coco Chanel, as cliche as it sounds. She embodied all that was classic, sophisticated and real in fashion. I also worship Stella McCartney. She built a brand with a keen eye and an artistic touch. Her clothing is that perfect blend of masculine/feminine/edgy. She is a true fashion ingenue, always true to her core values. I look up to her in many ways. And of course, the new designers, like Alexander Wang and Jenni Kayne. This urban boho glam girl can’t get enough of their designs!

What is Sister Brother doing these days for brides…Your wedding day should be the most important day in your life. On your day, you should feel the most beautiful and the most special. I find, most brides like to hire us for that reason. They trust that we will not only provide the wardrobe and the accessories (ie. jewels!) to make them feel incredible, but we also provide the fashion bravado to make them feel like they can pull off any look. It’s a challenge sometimes to find that level of confidence on your own, and so, Sister|Brother is an added bonus to your wedding day team. Together, with Zoom Photography, we are able to capture that high-fashion essence that so many brides are looking for… trust us, the collaboration between great styling pieces and great photography is key.

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