Office Water Coolers

Reasons To Get Office Water Coolers

The conditions of a workplace have been known to have a direct impact on the productivity of employees. Even the smallest of modifications could improve performance and productivity and providing cool drinking water is one such way that will add to the enjoyment of working at the office.
water coolers deliver healthy drinks for the workers and can actually help minimize the consumption of tea, coffee and sugar-based beverages in the workplace. Here are some other reasons to include office water coolers in your workplace.

Perfect Temperature for Drinking Water

A water cooler provides ambient temperature and cold water and can also be mixed to give a temperature that suits everyone’s taste.

A Huge Array of Options

Whether you are a start-up or a huge corporate office, there are numerous options for water coolers to match your preferences.
Mains-fed models are usually the most cost-effective for offices with many employees, with ideal plumbing access when it comes to installation, usually in the kitchen area. Such models provide continual, cool water for both your staff and visitors throughout the day.
If you need several coolers placed throughout the office building, instead of the kitchen area, then you may want to go for bottle-fed water dispensers. The good thing with this option is that there’s no need to plumb.
There are varying designs with each type of office water cooler. Some designs are simplistic and streamlined in nature, while others complement the decor while still being functional. Long gone are the days where water coolers looked dull and unappealing.

Healthy Workers are Happy Workers

Workers need to hydrate regularly in order to maintain a high level of performance and concentration in the workplace. Investing in an office water cooler will give your staff an effective method for not only staying hydrated but also healthy and happy, which contributes to better performance.
The presence of a water cooler will simply remind the staff that they need to stay hydrated throughout the day. Of course, water is not the only drink that provides hydration, but it is tooth-friendly and free of calories. That makes it the healthiest thirst quencher.

A Great Marketing Tool

Most people do not know that a water cooler can also act as a useful marketing tool in addition to providing fresh cool water.
You can customize the dispenser to add a company logo, message or any other design. This form of branding can ideally include company colors which add visual continuity to the waiting room, conference room or any other space in the workplace.

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